Vixen Alena Fox

An intelligent warrior and expert investigator

Abilities (Focuses)

2 Com (Investigation)
1 Con
2 Cun (Heraldry)
5 Dex (Lock Picking)
1 Mag
4 Per (Empathy) (Smelling)
3 Str
3 Wil (Self-Discipline)
Combat Ratings
Speed Health Defence Armour R
13(15) 51 15 5

Weapon Attack Roll Damage
Bastard Sword 3 2D6+1
Shortsword 5 1D6+2
Talents: Two-hander Style (Novice)
Armour Training (Novice)
Contacts (Novice)

Class Powers: Dual strike=3sp

Weapon Groups: Heavy Blades, Light Blades, Brawling, Spears

Inventory: Battle Maiden light mail, notebook, quill, x2 lock pick,


Vixen Alena Fox

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